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Posted by Marlon Boyle on March 15, 2020

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Dog Face Mask Templates. Free Printable Dog Face Mask Templates Materials Needed: Printer; White Cardstock Paper ; Colored Pencils, Markers or Crayons (if you choose to print a blank puppy coloring page) Elastic Mask Bands; Your Favorite Dog Mask Template; To print your dog face mask template, turn the printer on, click on the link below your favorite puppy then click

Printable Dog Masks In 6 Different Breeds!. Printable Dog Masks in Full Color and Coloring Pages. We recommend printing out these dog breed masks on card stock, and you can assemble them two different ways. The main instructions are on each page. You can simply cut out (and color, if necessary) the dog mask and poke holes in the tabs to tie the mask around your head.

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Printable Dog Mask Free Template. Free Dog Masks & Templates to Color. For the first mask I decided to go with an everyday dog – brown coat, white snout and dark brown ears. But this wasn’t a random choice… When I was growing up my neighbours had a mutt that looked something like this and we used to take him for a walk.

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